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Dance/trance/techno on national Radio Donna has been a thing of the past since June 2005. An online petition has now been created to convince Donna to put quality dance tracks back in their playlists. Sign here! (read more)

Tomorrow, Ian Van Dahl will shoot the videoclip for Movin’on and you can be part of it… What do you have to do ? First of all, you have to be a trendy girl dressed in your favourite party outfit and be between 20 and 30 years old. You have to be free tomorrow from […] (read more)

  • November 19,2005

Another Phenomena party will make Leuven dance on November 18. This time, Phenomena has invited DJ’s Kash-E and Zane to heat up the dancefloor at Rumba. Be sure to be there early, because there is a free bar between 23:00 and 24:00! (read more)

On November 7th the second album of Sweet Coffee – called Perfect Storm – was released in Belgium. Producers Patrick and Raffaele and singer Bibi Diabokua have created an album with a mixture of songs with jazzy, funky, and dance influences which you can check out on the official site! Here is the full tracklisting: […] (read more)

  • November 9,2005

Sony BMG’s release of a software patch for a controversial anti-piracy program has failed to stem criticism. In an entry posted to his SysInternals blog on 31 October Mr Russinovich wrote about his discovery of the “cloaked” files Sony BMG was using to stop people making illegal copies of a CD by country rock group […] (read more)

  • November 8,2005
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The lucky winners of the Now Dance 2005 Vol 4 cdees are: Olivier Malevez, Shana Van Zeebroeck and Wachowiak Steve.The correct answer was Perfect Storm. These winners will receive their cd shortly! (read more)

Yes, yes, it has been an eventful summer for Culture Club. Being closed for a month due to bankruptcy, the club opened again end of September after it was bought by DJ Matic. Culture Club The compilation cd volume 4, features another example of the characteristic sound of Culture Club. Essential listening for all open […] (read more)

We all know Sweet Coffee from their great debut CD Memory Lane that was released in 2004. Today Sweet Coffee is on the verge to release their second album Perfect Storm with the new singer Bibi Diabokua. (Samia the previous singer saw the future differently then the founding members Patrick Bruyndonx and Raffaele Brescia and […] (read more)

Klash – The Beat is a new vinyl to be released on the A&S sublabel Gumb?. The Beat has been written by Peter Luts and Annemie Coenen and is a fusion between trance and groovy elements. The vinyl contains the Original mix and a Praga Khan remix (read more)

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