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We all know Sweet Coffee from their great debut CD Memory Lane that was released in 2004. Today Sweet Coffee is on the verge to release their second album Perfect Storm with the new singer Bibi Diabokua. (Samia the previous singer saw the future differently then the founding members Patrick Bruyndonx and Raffaele Brescia and […] (read more)

Sweet Coffee have certainly made a successful debut. Their first album (Memory Lane) received exceptionally good press reviews last year, and caught the attention of the international media. They have had major radio hits with songs such as Don’t need you and Holdin’ on. The new single is called New day and is a summer […] (read more)

Sweet Coffee was one of the artists performing at Belgadance last sunday. Tracks from their superb debut album Memory lane were performed live by Patrick Bruyndonx, Raffaele Brescia and the new singer Bibi. During the show they also said they’re working hard on a new album! Check out our Sweet Coffee pictures! (read more)

Their debut-single Don’t need you, released in 2003, launched Sweet Coffee to the top of the Belgian charts. The catchy song was also a great hit in other European countries. Sweet Coffee is a cooperation between Club Industria’s resident DJ Hétrix, producer Raffaele Brescia and singer Samia. Now in 2004, their next single Holdin’on is […] (read more)

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