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Solid Sounds remains loyal to its successful concept: the hottest club tracks and upcoming club hits that are played by trendsetting deejays all over the world on one double cd. Again ‘essential’ techno, house, trance and club is featured on the new Solid Sounds 2004/2. Including Amuka, Kissogram vs Woody, Chelonis R. Jones, Chicken Lips, […] (read more)

This sunday Studio Brussel will interview Plastyc Buddha in ‘Brussel Vlaams’ (18h till 19h). Plastyc Buddha released their second full album Our friends Eclectic last week. Be sure to check out Private, the first single from the album! (read more)

If you want some groovy club sounds, join us at Rumba (Leuven) tonight for the second edition of Phenomena. (read more)

Kate Ryan will release her second full album Stronger at the end of the month. You can now listen to some tracks from the new album on the offical Kate Ryan website: Another Day, Only If I, The promise you made (Cock Robin cover), Je lance un appel and Goodbye. (read more)

Nunca news

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Producers Pat Krimson and Andres Romero have decided to create new Nunca tracks as we already reported. Nunca will feature a new female vocalist called Kookaï, a dancer in Pat Krimson’s Club Atmoz. Kookaï is also part of one of the couples in the Temptation Island 3 series on VT4. (read more)

The first 2004 installment of the On Air Party Airlines compilation CDs is now available in the shops. It features a great selection of tracks including quite some Belgian work. Personal highlights include Lasgo’s Surrender (here in the Cor Fijneman remix), the trance remix of the latest Milk Inc. – I don’t care single, Zippora […] (read more)

As we already reported last month, Lô is a new project by L-Vee that started 10 months ago. While lots of people love his trancy sound (eg. Fire & Ice, Airwave), Lô is something completely different. Quoting L-Vee himself, it’s some kind of ‘futuristic-electo-pop-rock’ written, composed, produced and sung by L-Vee. Lô’s track Sa vie […] (read more)

  • March 13,2004

Danzel is doing great in France. They are now at #12 in the Official French CD singles chart which makes them the best selling dance single in the charts. (read more)

Next friday, March 19, the second edition of Phenomena will be held in Leuven (Rumba & Co). This time, Massimo & Angel will provide you with all the grooves you need in the main room, while Monsieur Autruche will fulfil your needs in the upper room. Phenomena is quickly becoming one of Leuven’s finest clubbing […] (read more)

As we already reported on February 12th the next Ian Van Dahl single is called Where are you now? (some other sites really do you use the word exclusive too much). Three vinyls have now been released for the DJs. Part 1 contains the Extended mix and Peter Luts remix. Part 2 contains the M.I.K.E […] (read more)

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