Lô – Sa vie en main

by wim

As we already reported last month, Lô is a new project by L-Vee that started 10 months ago. While lots of people love his trancy sound (eg. Fire & Ice, Airwave), Lô is something completely different. Quoting L-Vee himself, it’s some kind of ‘futuristic-electo-pop-rock’ written, composed, produced and sung by L-Vee.

Lô’s track Sa vie en main has been picked up by Radio Contact (in the french part of Belgium) and will be played 4 times a day! Negotiations with recordlabels are still going on but things are looking bright so we may expect Sa vie en main to be released in the future! dancevibes will keep you updated offcourse!

  • March 13,2004

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