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Don’t know what to do tonight? Why don’t go to the Easter edition of Phenomena in Leuven (venue: Rumba). As always, the doors open at 23:00 and there are free drinks until 24:00! Tonight, Class (StuBru) will get you in that groovy clubbing mood. (read more)


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After celebrating its second birthday, Phenomena is back on March 24 for another Party. Location is once again Rumba in Leuven. Be there! More information can be found on (read more)

Another Phenomena party will make Leuven dance on November 18. This time, Phenomena has invited DJ’s Kash-E and Zane to heat up the dancefloor at Rumba. Be sure to be there early, because there is a free bar between 23:00 and 24:00! (read more)

In the last few months of the year, you can count on Phenomena to present you with the best clubsounds in Leuven. There are two groovy gay parties left in 2005! With DJ Class (Studio Brussel) and Zane next Friday, October 28th at 11pm. Everything for free? Free bar between 11&12. Get a nightlife, come […] (read more)

It’s almost time to go back to college / university and Phenomena will make sure that this ‘event’ will not go unnoticed. That’s why our favorite clubbing concept in Leuven will be organizing a special Back To School edition on September 23 (once again at Rumba, Leuven). For more information, visit the Phenomena website […] (read more)

Phenomena party

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The summer is coming to an end. And as always you should go out with a bang. That’s why we are going to party at Rumba (Leuven) on August 27 (Saturday). That night, Phenomena will present to you once again some very groovy club sounds. DJ’s Massimo & Angel, known from Le Cabaret and Strong, […] (read more)

This Saturday is gonna be a special one. After all, once again, Phenomena will switch from Friday to Saturday to provide you with all the best grooves. And once again, Rumba (Leuven) will be the place to be. From 23:00 onwards, Klash-E will make you dance. For more information, visit the website Make sure […] (read more)

Friday, July 8th, Phenomena will be back to start your summer with some great club sounds Rumba will once again host one of Leuven’s most popular dance events and this time Starski and Tonic (Culture Club, Mirano, and so on) will make sure that it will be a night to remember. Dancevibes will be there […] (read more)

Our favorite party event in Leuven is back for more : Phenomena. Saturday May 21st, the party will start at 23:00 (Rumba – Leuven). DJ’s are Dj Zane, Massimo Terremoto and Angel (Le Cabaret, Strong Brussel, Discotheque Barcelona) and in the Upper Room Mr. Autruche. As always, you will get a free drink before midnight. […] (read more)

Rumba will once against be host to a fantastic Phenomena party tonight (a special easter edition, so come and let the bunnies out). Be there from 23:00 … (read more)

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