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Nunca news

by wim

Producers Pat Krimson and Andres Romero have decided to create new Nunca tracks as we already reported. Nunca will feature a new female vocalist called Kooka├», a dancer in Pat Krimson’s Club Atmoz. Kooka├» is also part of one of the couples in the Temptation Island 3 series on VT4. (read more)

Producers Pat Krimson and Andres Romero have released a new single called Las Vegas. Las Vegas uses vocal samples from Praga Khan’s Breakfast in Vegas. On the CD single you can find the Radio edit, the Waco Saxo mix and the Z.O.M.T.A mix Co-producer Andres told us that new vocal Nunca tracks are most probably […] (read more)

We have our 2 Fabiola biography/discography online ! 2 Fabiola was one of the earlier dancegroups in Belgium which had huge successes in Belgium, Italy and Spain. The members of that group do/did also have some side projects: Zohra, Punk Mission, Nunca, Pat Krimson … so we decided to include them too in our coverage […] (read more)

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