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We already reported that 2 Fabiola would release a 2009 version of their smash hit Lift U Up and yesterday we showed you the video of the promo stunt by Pat Krimson. The record company now informed us that the CD single and digital download of Lift U Up 2009 will be released next Monday, […] (read more)

Look what 2 Fabiola did as a promo stunt for their new version of Lift Me Up 🙂 (read more)

Remember the big 90ies hit from 2Fabiola, Lift Me Up? Well the track will get an update and will be re-released in April 2009. You can already hear a little preview on the Lift Me Up minisite. 2 Fabiola – Androgyne (read more)

The new single Heartbeat will be released in January 2009. Will 2 Fabiola make it big in the charts this time? Wait and see. (read more)

Today it was announced that 2 Fabiola will also be performing on the TMF awards on October 11, 2008. (read more)

There’s a saying ‘the more things change, the more things stay the same’ or if you wait long enough, everything comes back into fashion at least once. Well, this certainly applies to 2 Fabiola. After scoring a lot of hits in the 90s (Freak Out, Flashback, Magic Flightt), the group split up: Pat Krimson score […] (read more)

We have our 2 Fabiola biography/discography online ! 2 Fabiola was one of the earlier dancegroups in Belgium which had huge successes in Belgium, Italy and Spain. The members of that group do/did also have some side projects: Zohra, Punk Mission, Nunca, Pat Krimson … so we decided to include them too in our coverage […] (read more)

I have added 2 Fabiola lyrics to our lyrics page. Soon I’ll have an artist page up about 2 Fabiola too ! (read more)

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