New version of Lift Me Up from 2Fabiola

by stea

Remember the big 90ies hit from 2Fabiola, Lift Me Up? Well the track will get an update and will be re-released in April 2009. You can already hear a little preview on the Lift Me Up minisite.

2 Fabiola – Androgyne


This is so lame… their new tracks aren’t good enough to attract the crowd any longer, so they make a new version of the track everybody loved in the 90’s =( I’m sure this track will get in the spotlight next month, but it sure is a desperate move i think.

I loved 2 fabiola and pat krimson’s own project back in the days, i really don’t think this new track does justice to the old classic.

Weak move…


woussie on March 17, 2009

Imo, the original is still the best.


Wim Bervoets on March 17, 2009

Well, it’s okay, but why remake this?

I was into 2Fab when Zohra was te singer.
The 2 songs with Medusa were less my thing…

“Straight 2 the top” with Katie Michaelson was one of the best poppy dance numbers in years…. Still play it often…

The 2 new girls can sing, but I’m not convinced with the song choices: “I Love The 90’s” & “Blown me away’ were a bit weak IMO…

Too bad Zohra doesn’t release stuff…


Psy D-Groover on March 18, 2009

2 bad the people reacted here don’t know what quality is.

No one has heard the track already so how can you make a decision wheter it is good or bad.


Ik on March 21, 2009

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