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Brussels Is Burning??? Yes, indeed!!! This needs some explanation, not? At first it was never our intention to leave Antwerp. But in a few years time the event grew way to fast just to organise it in every average location. We started two years ago in five clubs (Zillion, CafĂ© D’Anvers, Fill Collins Club, Club […] (read more)

Besides playing a lot abroad, he’s producing loads of new stuff as well… Coming up soon : a new Body-Shock, produced by Yves together with L-Vee. There’s also the very first Rebelgrooves-vinyl that will come about. Rebelgrooves is the vinylstore that is being run by Yves. Ofcourse there’s also the new Yves Deruyter vinyl called […] (read more)

We’ve just received the unbelievable news that the Push vs Globe – single Dreams from Above (exclusively released in Japan) sold over 70.000 copies in the first week of release. Push is getting Big in Japan! (read more)

  • August 21,2002
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On Bonzai Trance Progressive there’s the new Dj Fire that’s coming up! This second production is quite comparable to the first one, although having a bit more punch. Progressive trance with a technotouch, that’s how you might describe this new track called Jetlag. Already featured on the latest XTC-compilation, now available on vinyl as well. […] (read more)

To support the venue Brussels is Burning MOSTIKO records released the Official Brussels Is Burning vinyl: DECOY & ROY Innerlife on the 19th of August (orders can be made @ NEWS Belgium This record was mailed out to 15 Top DJs worldwide…and reactions are massive! We got Hot tune replies from Ferry Corsten, Johan Gielen […] (read more)

The 6th of September 2002 Forest National will host Brussels Is Burning. For the very first time Forest National will be open for a musical venue all night…artists like Sister Bliss, Mauro Picotto, Judge Jules, Minimalistix DJ Dave Lambert, Decoy & Roy, Push, Bart Maes, Marco V, Trish, Pierre, Green Velvet and a special guest […] (read more)

The new Ian Van Dahl single Try will be released on August 26th 2002. You can already pre-order your copy at This is the list of known remixes until now: Rob Searle remix, Dee Dee remix, Extended Remix edit and Michael Woods remix (read more)

The Best of Lords of Acid album is nearly ready. Tbe release is planned later this year on November 10th, 2002. A new Lords of Acid single Gimme Gimme will be released in October. The videclip for this single will be shot soon. (read more)

  • August 18,2002

Yesterday (Aug 18th) Praga Khan did the shooting for their new European CD Single Tausend Sterne. The videoclip shoot took place in Antwerp, Belgium and involved 10 sexy women. On August 24th, 2002 Praga Khan will also perform live at the Pukkelpop Festival. (read more)

We have updated the Flesh & Bones artist page with the latest info on the new single, the new singer, pictures and buy me links ! Other artistpage updates will follow soon…! (read more)

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