Yves Deruyter news update

by wim

Besides playing a lot abroad, he’s producing loads of new stuff as well… Coming up soon : a new Body-Shock, produced by Yves together with L-Vee.

There’s also the very first Rebelgrooves-vinyl that will come about. Rebelgrooves is the vinylstore that is being run by Yves.

Ofcourse there’s also the new Yves Deruyter vinyl called Spiritual Feeling, that will be released on Bonzai Records somewhere around November 2002. This vinyl will contain the original mix (already on the album 2001) and also a brand new 2002 mix.

Mike and Yves have also been busy working on a new Interstate, their underground-project. Some new and pounding technosounds which you can expect on the Bonzai Limited-label around October 2002. The title will be Workout. And then there’s Cherrymoon Trax, for which Yves will do a brand new remix.

More info at Lightning records.

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