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by stea

This week, P-magazine devotes an entire page to Dirk Dierickx, better known as M.I.K.E.. M.I.K.E has released records under many names; Solar Factor, M.I.K.E, The Blackmaster, Return Of The Native, Plastic Boy … and the one you probably all know, Push. If you want to know more about M.I.K.E., check out his website : (read more)

  • January 8,2004
  • MIKE

Push will release its next full album called Electric Eclips on March 22, 2004. The tracklisting is as follows: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Imagine Trance-Parent Electric Eclips Blue Midnight Journey Of Life Universal Nation 2003 Tranceformation (vs Globe) Strange World (Tranquilo’s Chill Out Mix) United We Stand The next Push single is Electric Eclips and the releasedate will […] (read more)

  • December 9,2003
  • push

Push – Universal nation, one of my all-time favourites gets a 2003 treatment on a new UK Inferno promo vinyl! On the vinyl two new remixes are present: the Push 2003 remix and a Ferry Corsten remix! According to the Lightning Records website they are also preparing a single release in the UK soon. (read more)

  • January 25,2003
  • push

Record company Inferno Records just released an illegal vocal mix of Push‘s Strange World which set Mike in a very angry mood:I am not supporting this record, there will never be a vocal mix of “Strange World”.Nor Lightning Records or M.I.K.E. approved this mix” !!! Source: MIKE.BE (read more)

  • August 26,2002
  • push

We’ve just received the unbelievable news that the Push vs Globe – single Dreams from Above (exclusively released in Japan) sold over 70.000 copies in the first week of release. Push is getting Big in Japan! (read more)

  • August 21,2002
  • push

Push vs Globe

by wim

Coming up pretty soon : Push vs Globe. A brand new project by Mike, together with Japanese topproducer Tetsuya Komuro. This new vinyl called “Tranceformation” is set to be huge! It is already featured exclusively on the Japanese version of the album From Beyond and will also be the official theme of the next Worldchampionships […] (read more)

  • August 3,2002
  • push

Mike has just started working on a second Push album. The first album From Beyond will finally be officially released in the UK in September 2002. It has also just been released in Japan in a limited mixed edition, including a track that was made especially for Japan! (read more)

Push news !

by wim

The first album From Beyond by Push which contains the great tracks Universal Nation, Till We Meet Again, The Legacy, Tranzy State Of Mind, Strange World and more is of superb quality… a second album is now in the works and will be released at the end of the year 2002. Also to be expected […] (read more)

Push Awarded

by wim

Flux/Bpm on the move, a Greek dance-radioshow awarded 2 Bonzai artists with 2 prizes. Mike a.k.a. Push won the award for best trancetrack with Universal Nation and Dj Fire won the award for best international dj. (read more)

Belgian producer Dirk “M.I.K.E.” Dierickx, best known from Push has remixed the song Troy by Sinead ‘O Connor. The record will be released soon in the UK. Also Push has been chosen to remix the new single by the BOMFUNK MC’S! The remix has just been finished according to Lightning Records. (read more)

  • February 13,2002
  • push

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