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2B4U (with the new singer Dorina) will perform in Spain on 23/8 and 24/8 in Allicante and Valencia. The title of their new single will Breathe under water and will have a very trancy sound. The release is planned for mid september. The number will be released on vinyl and cd. (read more)

One week before the release of the new album Elements the Minimalistix circus is at full speed. The band just returned from a promo tour in Japan, where they performed twice, together with Orion Too & Caitlin, in front of more than 15000 enthousiastic Japanese. Let’s struggle for……..quality !!!! Let’s struggle for Minimalistix, Orion Too […] (read more)

The new single Far away of the Mackenzie feat. Kelly is amost released, a good time thus for us to add a new biography/discography for the Mackenzie feat. Kelly! (read more)

We’ve added a new artist bio/discography page! Jessy, well known as the ex-singer of the Mackenzie has released her first solo single: Look @ me now. Biography/Discography of Jessy (read more)

Three mixes are on the new Orion Too CD single So shy: So shy (Radio edit) So shy (Extended radio mix) So shy (Nord vs. Bonka remix) (read more)

We’ve also got the CD Single tracklisting for the new Jessy single: Look at me now (Radio edit) Look at me now (DJ Philip Remix) A review will follow soon! (read more)

This is the tracklisting for the new Flesh & Bones CD Single: My time has come (Radio edit) My time has come (Systematic Parts remix) Expect a review soon! (read more)

New Lasgo releases are coming ! The third single will be called I Wonder. A second album is also in the works: it’ll feature tracks like You, I wonder and Searching but also remixes from the album Some Things. (read more)

Singer Peggy from 2 Black 4 U is pregnant and because of that will be replaced by Dorina Vander Graaff from Amsterdam (Netherlands). The name 2 Black 4U will also change to 2B4U (read more)

While the debut single of Flesh & Bones was originally called Rigor Mortis in Belgium, the UK single has been renamed to the less ‘shocking’ I Love you. The tracklisting for the UK CD Maxi is as follows: I Love You (Radio Edit) I Love You (Minimalistix remix) I Love You (Eduardo Delvino Remix) (read more)

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