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Producers Stephane Akenan, Patrick Fasseau and Christophe Severs have teamed up with singer Lisa to make a dreamtrance track called Here I am. The vinyl is on sale now and includes an Astral trance mix and a Hard trance instrumental. (read more)

The new single Far away of the Mackenzie feat. Kelly is amost released, a good time thus for us to add a new biography/discography for the Mackenzie feat. Kelly! (read more)

So far away is the 2nd single by Mackenzie vs. Kelly and was released on vinyl this week. More info to follow… (read more)

Dance music is not only fun to listen to, but also to look at (the leading ladies of dance that is). Many have gone before her, but now Kelly (Mackenzie featuring Kelly) is on the cover of P-magazine a well-known belgian magazine. So if you get the chance, be sure to check out the beautiful […] (read more)

The first single of the new MacKenzie feat. Kelly, called Believe is now out on CD Single and vinyl. A videoclip has been shot and the single will also be released in Germany and Canada. The successor Far Away is already finished too. Buy Mackenzie feat. Kelly – Believe ! (read more)

The first Mackenzie song with the voice of Kelly Jacobs – the new singer who replaces Jessy Desmet – is going to be called Believe. (read more)

According to the Dutch site, singer Jessy De Smet has left the Mackenzie feat. Jessy. We hope we’ll still hear from her in the future! Apparently Mackenzie Records found a replacement for her, Kelly. According to some rumours we read on a forum she’s around 19 years old. The first performance of the Mackenzie […] (read more)

We updated our Mackenzie ft. Jessy – Angel cd review with many more musicsamples. Listen to them here ! (read more)

We reviewed the full album Angel from the Mackenzie ft. Jessy. It’s a very nice trance album so be sure to check it out here ! Please contact us if you want your album/cd single/vinyl to be reviewed too! (read more)

Apparently MacKenzie ft. Jessy (one of my personal favourites) will have a new full cd next year !! It’ll be called Pure Next month they’ll also release a new single! (read more)

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