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Breathe under water, circling around at the moment as white label, is the new single of 2B4U. They still wait with the release of the single, but the first reactions on the vinyl (also sales)are very hopefull and encouraging. The new single of Oxyd will be called Is it you. Vinyl and Cd-single should be […] (read more)

2B4U (with the new singer Dorina) will perform in Spain on 23/8 and 24/8 in Allicante and Valencia. The title of their new single will Breathe under water and will have a very trancy sound. The release is planned for mid september. The number will be released on vinyl and cd. (read more)

Singer Peggy from 2 Black 4 U is pregnant and because of that will be replaced by Dorina Vander Graaff from Amsterdam (Netherlands). The name 2 Black 4U will also change to 2B4U (read more)


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Field of Roses is the newest single for 2Black4U and is a nice piece of catchy commercial trance produced by Fred Vandermast. Field of Roses has just been released on vinyl and consists of 2 dance-mixes. For the release of the cd we will have to wait 2 to 3 weeks more. Field of Rosesof […] (read more)

We’ve added the cover of the new Before you go CD Single on our Oxyd page. Expect a review soon ! We also updated the 2 Black 4 U information with information about their next single Field of Roses. (read more)

The next single of 2 Black 4 U, Field of Roses is to be released in two weeks time. It could very well be the breakthrough single for 2 Black 4 U as reactions are very good ! (read more)

After interviews with Marsha, Lasgo and Monotone we now present you our chat we had with Fred, Peggy and Angelica from 2 Black 4 U and Oxyd ! We went to the homestudio of Fred Vandermast and talked about future tracks, the story about Poco Loco Gang and many more things. Read the interview here […] (read more)

The pages of Oxyd and 2Black4U are updated with the latest newsitems. Fred (producer of Oxyd, 2Black4U,..)could tell us also that he is really busy with the new project Sunrise…So, keep checking out the pages and soon X-entric and Sunrise will be added too. (read more)

2 Black 4 U (singer Peggy and producer Fred Vermast) are working on a lot of new songs. The record company Blacklight wants to release a new single at the end of April, simultanuously on vinyl and CD. Most probably they’ll also invest in a videoclip. One of the songs that is candidate to become […] (read more)

We’ve updated our 2 Black 4 U biography with an additional picture of Fred and Peggy and we also added a music sample of Am I losing you, their newest vinyl release !!! (read more)

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