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John 00 Fleming has posted a petition on his message board about the possible quiting of the well-known trance producer Laurent Veronez (also known under the Airwave, L-Vee, Fire & Ice, … disguises.) (Petition on message board)Reading Stipsy’s earlier post. Yes it is true that my friend Laurent (Airwave/ L-vee + many other guises) […] (read more)

Unfortunately the rumour I heard this weekend in a local vinylshop is true… Lightning records is no more. More info will follow… Update: Mike (Push, …) has made a comment on his website about the closing: You proberly heared that “Lightning-records” is closed.It was my home for many years,and with lots of pain and […] (read more)

A few new releases on vinyl this week at Lightning Records: The new Interstate by Mike and Yves Deruyter on Bonzai Limited. Work Out is once again a journey between progressive and techno and perfectly reflects Yves’ personal taste in underground music. Available starting Monday… Coming up next week : the first ever release related […] (read more)

You want to be part of your favorite label? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!! Lightning Records is looking for fresh new talent!!! You can send your music productions and demo’s to: LIGHTNING RECORDS NV C/O HANSBERT VANHOVE HERENTALSEBAAN 372-374 2100 DEURNE BELGIUM (or email – maximum 3 MB files) (read more)

Dutch Dj Jean talked in his show on Radio 538 about Lightning Records in a very negative way… He stated that the company was on the verge of closing the books. This is completely untrue and based on nothing. The fans can be sure that Lightning Records is not even close to stopping. New releases […] (read more)

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