Lightning records bankrupt!

by wim

Unfortunately the rumour I heard this weekend in a local vinylshop is true… Lightning records is no more. More info will follow…

Update: Mike (Push, …) has made a comment on his website about the closing:

You proberly heared that “Lightning-records” is closed.It was my home for many years,and with lots of pain and sorrow it’s an end of an era.As we all know Lightning suffered from low CD sales,getting attacked by MP3 downloading,and sales droping all over.It’s a sad day and a loss of a monumentary…but every END is a new START…And hopefully also for the Lightning crew.As i was part of that crew,i will go my own way.But one thing is for sure…M.I.K.E. will be back,and more than ever!!!First of all getting up and running SCANNER recordsthe next couple of weeks.But there is more good news on the way…Be ready for the new PUSH,PLASTIC BOY,M.I.K.E.soon.The only thing i can say is thanks for the support for many many years.Let’s go for a better future and music will guide your way…R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Mike

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