Update on Lightning Records – Bonzai closure

by wim

John 00 Fleming has posted a petition on his message board about the possible quiting of the well-known trance producer Laurent Veronez (also known under the Airwave, L-Vee, Fire & Ice, … disguises.)

(Petition on www.john00fleming.com message board)Reading Stipsy’s earlier post. Yes it is true that my friend Laurent (Airwave/ L-vee + many other guises) is thinking about chucking it all in. He’s fed up with the current climate of the dance music world. Downloading music is not only crippling underground dance labels but now it’s starting to affect the producers. It’s heartbreaking to see your hard work and toil be given away for free on the internet. His last album was available for download weeks before it was for sale in the shops??? Like us, he has to make a living, pay bills etc. It also costs a lot of money to keep the studio up to date as technology moves on. How can you do this with your income crippled by free files sharing??? I believe that there will be an answer to this problem as I am always forward thinking. I’m trying to make Laurent see this. He is one of the most influential Trance producers currently around. He is a true genius. We would be lost with out him.

Please sign this petition below to show what support he has from his loyal fans. This will make him realise that he has many friends and fans that will support him. This maybe be the support that he needs for him to see the light. (www.john00fleming.com message board)


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