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For Bonzai and Banshee, the new release season has started with this week new singles out by Airwave “Boredom” from his album “I Want To Believe” and the third Antidote single “Velocity”. However, that is not all seeing that Bonzai – Banshee have new releases coming up by Push, Yves Deruyter, Primer, Subota (produced by […] (read more)

The new site of Banshee Worx / Bonzai is online now at! The site is filled with news about new releases, some artist profiles, a forum and more… Some sections like audio, video and the e-store are not completely done yet but it’ll be great to preview the latest Bonzai tracks and then buy […] (read more)

John 00 Fleming has posted a petition on his message board about the possible quiting of the well-known trance producer Laurent Veronez (also known under the Airwave, L-Vee, Fire & Ice, … disguises.) (Petition on message board)Reading Stipsy’s earlier post. Yes it is true that my friend Laurent (Airwave/ L-vee + many other guises) […] (read more)

Bonzai has got a new partnership abroad!! Lightning Records/Bonzai will start working together with Universal Music to co-found Bonzai Australia and Bonzai New Zealand! the very first releases on Bonzai Australia/New Zealand will be : Sunspot by Airwave vs Rising Star and Icecream by M.I.K.E. vs John OO Fleming! More news will follow later… (read more)

Now available, the brand new Bonzai 10 years anniversary compilation. Containing the new Push vs Globe, the Marco V. mix of Café del Mar, Dj Fire, Capetown, The Green Martian and much more! For more info surf to the official bonzai site! (read more)

Coming up on the 11th of October in Cherrymoon, Lokeren, Belgium : 10 years Bonzai Trance Progressive. Djs playing that evening : Humate, Paul Mendez, Yves Deruyter, M.I.KE., Airwave, Fire, Aldo M. Doors open at 22h, doorprice 10 Euro. Also on the 12th of October : 10 Years Bonzai Classics at Waagnatie, Antwerp. Dj’s & […] (read more)

Bonzai is 10 years old this year – reasons enough to party and bring back the memories with all time classics ! Bonzai Classics is a double CD with tracks like Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth, Cherrymoon Trax – The House Of House, Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar, Push – Universal Nation […] (read more)

Just finished and coming up on Bonzai Classics, the alltime classic by Yves Deruyter : Calling Earth ! Yves and M.I.K.E. made a massive remix of this track, that will be released together with the original and another mix! Expected in May… More info at Lightning records (read more)

In the next months, you can expect releases with great remixes on Bonzai Classics! Titles already confirmed are: The First Rebirth by Jones & Stephenson, The Deadline by Joyrider and Calling Earth by Yves Deruyter. More info at (read more)

Bonzai, the most well known Belgium record company will release a new CD series linked to their 10 years-anniversary! First of all, we have the Bonzai Classics, which can be expected on March 11th 2002. Pretty soon after this release you can expect the 10 years Bonzai Trance-edition ! A cd review will follow on […] (read more)

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