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Je Chante pour Toi was Biba Binoche’s entry for the 2004 Belgian Eurosong tryouts. Although Biba did not make it to the finals – despite a great show which featered the drag queen Star – Mostiko has decided to release Je Chante pour Toi as a single. And that is definitely a good decision. After […] (read more)

Eurosong 2004 did not end well for Biba Binoche. After a spectacular performance and a clash between Biba and some of the members in the Eurosong jury, the final verdict came in : Biba would not be one of the finalists. So that’s the bad news, but was it a total disappointment for Biba? Surely […] (read more)

Biba Binoche and Roxane have entered the preselections for the Eurovision 2004 contest. The preselections will be aired on Belgian TV in January/February Biba Binoche will present the song Je chante pour toi while Roxane will bring Television game (read more)

We’ve added a new artist profile to dancevibes. This time we give you the biography, discography,… of Biba Binoche Enjoy the read at Biba Binoche’s artist profile (read more)

Tonight the first full album of Biba Binoche was presented in ‘Het Elzenhof’ in Lier (Belgium). Dancevibes was there and saw Biba perform life … She sang 4 songs of the new album : Si douce, Je suis venue te dire que je m’en vais, Emmène-moi and her first single Je t’aime mélancolie. For those […] (read more)

The launch of Biba Binoche’s first album ‘Initials BB’ will not go unnoticed. Dancevibes has already reviewed the album and talked to Biba (the interview will be published soon). But that’s not all : a lengthy interview with Biba has also been published in Humo, one of Belgium’s best magazines ( In this interview Biba […] (read more)

What a surprise it was. A young French star, Biba Binoche, released a great cover of a song by Mylene Farmer (Je t’aime mélancolie) and instantly got a lot of airplay. Not much longer, it was revealed that this young star was actually Betty (a Big Brother contestant), who – up to that moment – […] (read more)

As we already reported, Biba Binoche aka Betty is set to release her first full album Initials BB around mid-November. Tonight we can already give you the complete tracklisting and cover picture of Initials BB ! Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais Si Douce Je t’aime mélancholie Pourquoi Overdose Pour l’amour Boum […] (read more)

Biba Binoche’s album will be released on November 12th. The album is called Initials BB. Biba and her producers Frank (Dance Opera legend) and Marc (from ‘Evil Superstars fame) have been working like crazy to get a great album together. The album is completly sung in French and is a journey into electro pop. Every […] (read more)

The secret begind the mysterious Biba Binoche has been revealed. Over the last few weeks, Biba Binoche’s debut single Je t’aime mélancolie, has been getting a lot of airplay (even on Studio Brussel). And it is expected that all the commotion will only increase now that the ‘secret identity’ of Biba Binoche has been revealed. […] (read more)

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