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This second edition of Mixmania 2004 is once again packed with all the hits that have charted during the last few months, including some big number 1 hits. So first the good news, there are some really great songs on this CD : Xandee’s 1 Life is one of those big hits. Topping the charts […] (read more)

After Look @ Me Know, Head Over Heels and How Long, Jessy will release another song from her album Rain. The new single will be Silent Tears. (read more)

Three new contests have been launched. You can win Mixmania 2004 GSM holders, Mixmania 2004 – 02 compilation CDees or International Tuning Sounds vol 4 compilation CDees. Check out our contests page for more info! (read more)

The lucky winners of our On Air Party Airlines – Flight 2004 (02) compilation CD contest are: Que Banh (Canada), Yasser Matloob (India), Stijn Vertonghen (Lokeren), Bianca Smet (Dendermonde), Maurice De Ketele (St-Eloois-Vijve). The CDees will be sent out asap! (read more)

  • August 6,2004

The new Sylver single is called Love is an Angel and will be released around mid-September. (source: (read more)

Lasgo’s Evi was on stage at Paal op Stelten 2004. After a great performance of Something, Pray and Surrender, she told us that the new album will be released on September 1st. But it’s not finished yet, that’s probably the reason why Peter and Dave weren’t there.   Zippora was also one of the many […] (read more)

In its role as the trade association representing Belgian ISPs (Internet Service Providers), ISPA Belgium wishes to respond following the writ against Tiscali issued by SABAM (the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers). In the writ, SABAM makes reference to particular computer programmes that permit the direct exchange of data between Internet users (so […] (read more)

Ian Van Dahl and Lasgo will perform in Brazil and the USA in August! The tour starts in Brazil on August 8th in Belem for the Yamada Tim festival. From August 9th – 11th interviews will be made with TV and radio stations. On August 12th they will perform in Brasilia, the 13th in Sao […] (read more)

After a couple of months in consideration, Mike (see also Push) decided to go on Final Scratch for DJing (besides CD/Vinyl). Mike says “I still believe in vinyl and cd sources, but we have to pay attention to the growth of the digital age. I think the digital revolution has started. Record company’s, majors, independents, […] (read more)

  • August 4,2004
  • MIKE

The official Milk Inc site has exclusive news about the new single (that is to be released in time for the TMF Awards later this year). The single will be called Whisper. The Radio Edit mix has been finished, while work on the remixes is ongoing. (read more)

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