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  Last weekend, Paal op Stelten 2005 took place in Paal, Belgium. Alot of Belgian dance artists were present incl. Sylver, Ian Van Dahl, Milk Inc. and Lasgo. Check out our Paal op Stelten pictures! (read more)

We’ve added some nice pictures from Paal op Stelten and Beach Party Bocholt on our site. Check out Lasgo, DHT, Jessy, Milk Inc and more on the Beach Party 2004 picture page and Paal op Stelten 2004 picture page (read more)

Lasgo’s Evi was on stage at Paal op Stelten 2004. After a great performance of Something, Pray and Surrender, she told us that the new album will be released on September 1st. But it’s not finished yet, that’s probably the reason why Peter and Dave weren’t there.   Zippora was also one of the many […] (read more)

Tomorrow, Paal op Stelten will take place where you can watch a nice selection of Belgian dance artists. Here are the duo ticket winners that can enter for free! Anthony Szebenyi, Jeremy Gliksman, Vereecque Stephane, Lecomte Christophe, Andrzej Kata, Debbie Deckers, Stijn Heremans, Dries Noels, Julie Vandevelde, Frank Droogmans, Casto Mariana, Maarten Florizoone, David Van […] (read more)

  On Sunday August 1st, another edition of Paal op Stelten will be held! This festival attracted 23.000 people last year. The line-up is very diverse: from pop to rock to dance. With more then 40 artists including Jessy, Lasgo, Milk Inc, Orion Too, Lash, Zippora, Danzel, Dynamite, Sonic Solution, DHT and Kate Ryan, the […] (read more)

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