DUO Ticket winners for Paal Op Stelten 2004!

by wim

Tomorrow, Paal op Stelten will take place where you can watch a nice selection of Belgian dance artists. Here are the duo ticket winners that can enter for free!

Anthony Szebenyi, Jeremy Gliksman, Vereecque Stephane, Lecomte Christophe, Andrzej Kata, Debbie Deckers, Stijn Heremans, Dries Noels, Julie Vandevelde, Frank Droogmans, Casto Mariana, Maarten Florizoone, David Van Hove, Nico Magherman, Eyckmans Peggy, Isabelle Vercaigne, Erna Claudia, Ruben Kennes, Goelen Luk, Katrijn Hendriks, Jonas Boogers, Gunther Frans

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