M.I.K.E. goes digital

by wim

After a couple of months in consideration, Mike (see also Push) decided to go on Final Scratch for DJing (besides CD/Vinyl).

Mike says “I still believe in vinyl and cd sources, but we have to pay attention to the growth of the digital age. I think the digital revolution has started. Record company’s, majors, independents, artists etc…almost lost the rapidly growing peer to peer and digital-copy-piracy issues… First of all, the main reason is to encourage the people that downloading is fine, as long you pay for it (do it legitimately and respect the artists rights!).

Unlike ITunes, some legal download services like AudioJelly and BeatPort are more specialized in dance/trance/… We’ve also decided to provide, besides our vinyl labels, a new digital label called “SUB SCAN DIGITAL”.

Mike also says it makes it easier to play more unreleased and special material as the music is on his laptop without taking extra physical space.

More info at Mike.be!

  • August 4,2004

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