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Jan Vervloet will be back in June with his new trancer called Pure & Intensive. This double A Sided vinyl is a coproduction between Jan Vervloet and Wim Coppens. Pure is a clubby trancer with a nice break and melody. Intensive is hard trance style track! Check the soundsamples on the Peter Luts site (Nitrox […] (read more)

Ah, a new release by Vive la Fête …Yummie ! I can’t hide it, I’m a big Vive la fête fan. And with the Schwarzkopf remix EP, Danny (Mommens) and Els (Pynoo) once again prove that all the hype that often surrounds Vive la fête is more than justified. If I would have to pick […] (read more)

  • May 31,2004

Topradio, Belgians leading dance radio has released The Party station 4 some time ago.This compilation CD tries to give an overview of the recent tracks being played on Topradio. Read the full Topradio: The party station vol.4 review! (read more)

Once again Ghent based Culture Club comes up trumps with their second outing… re-utilizing the perfect combination as for the first volume: 1 shiny disc compiled & mixed by the Glimmer Twins, who now are on full throttle, blending the old & the new, the light & the dark into a mindblowing mix of epic […] (read more)

To good to be true, the new 12 inch single from 646-563 the Antwerp DJ D’Stephanie feat. Melissa will be released tomorrow by NEWS. ‘To good to be true’ is a deep house track with vocals from Melissa Anckaert, mixed together with the jazzrifs from Peter Verhelst. DJ Stephanie makes the team complete with her […] (read more)

Jessy‘s latest single How Long (Point of no return) entered the Ultratop 50 at nr 25 this week. The CDSingle contains the Radio edit and the Vandøren Og Vanhøyland Remiks) (read more)

If you have a little time please take a moment and sign the petition to vote against the stupid idea of having a closing hour at 4o’clock in the morning for the pubs in Leuven. The students and the partypeople will be eternally gratefull for your signature 🙂 (read more)

Get ready ! This year marks the 10th anniversary of 10 DAYS OFF (from 16-26 juli) which will be held in Ghent (Vooruit – ICC Congrescentrum). All information can be found at the website 646-562 The line-up is very impressive : Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Tiga, Jazzanova, […] (read more)

Yesterdaynight was present at the releaseparty of the new Ian Van Dahl album: Lost and Found Place to be was Club Versuz where singer Annemie Coenen performed new songs from the album and offcourse the well known hits! Afterwards Peter Luts positioned himself behind the DJ decks. During his DJ set three new projects […] (read more)

Red Carpet is the new project by Patrick Bruyndonx and Raffaele Brescia. Their debut track Alright is a great song that certainly requires your attention! Read the full Red Carpet – Alright review! (read more)

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