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Red Carpet is a project by producers Patrick Bruyndonx and Raffaele Brescia (same guys that are behind Sweet Coffee). Together with vocalist Ramona Korber they’ve released the clubhit Alright in Belgium in 2004. After being signed by Positiva (UK) and Subliminal (USA) labels the track was picked up by Roger Sanchez, Seb Fontaine, Tiësto. Right […] (read more)

Den Hétrix & Raffa, two producers, met each other in a studio were they where working on their own projects. They discovered they had a similar musical taste and from that day on started working together. They wrote & produced the song Alright and made a deal with Stefan Wuyts (the owner of A&S records) […] (read more)

Red Carpet is the new project by Patrick Bruyndonx and Raffaele Brescia. Their debut track Alright is a great song that certainly requires your attention! Read the full Red Carpet – Alright review! (read more)

  Alright is the fantastic debutsingle of Red Carpet. Red Carpet is the new project by producers Patrick Bruyndonx and Raffaele Brescia and vocalist Ramona Korber. Patrick Bruyndonx is also known as (co)producer of various other projects such as Orion Too, Sweet Coffee (also with Raffaele) and as resident DJ Den Hétrix at Club Industria […] (read more)

At the end of January A&S will present a new project called Red Carpet. Their first single Alright is a house/groove track with the soul vocals from Ramona. The producers behind this project are Hétrix and Raffa (also the guys behind Sweet Coffee) (read more)

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