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Xandee (better known as Sandy, the female singer of the pop group Touch of Joy) has blown away the competition in Eurosong 2004 with her song 1 Life. With 50 points out of 54, Xandee was the clear winner. Many people tipped Natalia (runner up at the Belgian Idols 2003 contest) as the big winner, […] (read more)

Last week Danzel’s debut single Pump it up! entered the Flemish Ultratop charts at nr 25. A great start for Johan Waem, alias Danzel, which was one of the 20 finalists of ‘Idool 2003’ in Belgium. Producer Jaco Van Rijswijk took the original song by the Black & White Brothers and a sample of ‘In […] (read more)

  • February 15,2004

It seems that P magazine can’t get enough from our Belgian dance divas. Now it is electro babe Roxane who goes all out on the cover of P magazine. And it turns out to be quite a sexy foto shoot. In addition, you can find a long interview with Roxane. Keep in mind that Roxane […] (read more)

Peter Luts updated his website with some new remixes. Ian Van Dahl‘s single Where are you now? has been given the Peter Luts treatment. This probably means that this is the next CD Single to be expected from Ian Van Dahl (as they only make remixes for vinyl/cdsingle releases) Also the track Long Island […] (read more)

  • February 11,2004

Lô is a new project by L-Vee that started 10 months ago. While lots of people love his trancy sound (eg. Fire & Ice, Airwave), Lô is something completely different. Quoting L-Vee himself, it’s some kind of ‘futuristic-electo-pop-rock’ written, composed, produced and sung by L-Vee. Right now enough tracks are ready for a full album. […] (read more)

  • February 10,2004

Blanco y negro released the spanish maxi cd of Typhoon – More than ever last week friday. To hear the soundsample visit the Blanco y negro site! (read more)

New contest!

by wim

Check out our contests page as we’ve just added a new contest! Thanks to Mostiko we can give away 5 Retro Arena – The Tuning Edition CDs! (read more)

  • February 4,2004

On sunday, Roxane won the third semi final of the preselections of the Eurovision contest with the very nice electro/rock song Television game. On March 1st, her debut album will be in the shops. As we already reported it’s called Naked and offcourse includes Television Game, Re Arrange, Fashion, I Wanna dance with somebody. Beside […] (read more)

Zippora is back in 2004 with a great new single called Luminous and Beautiful. The belgian CD single contains the Original Edit and Rudi Gouda Radio edit. In their second week Zippora goes up one place to nr 22 in the Ultratop. (read more)

A new party concept is born : on Friday February 6, 2004 Miss Bambi will present the first edition of Le Cabardouche in Transit East (Hasselt). Expérience La Décadence defines everything regarding this sexy party concept : mixing a bit of Berlin’s Kit Kat Club with the Moulin Rouge from Paris, Le Cabardouche is sure to […] (read more)

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