Xandee wins belgian Eurosong 2004 finals

by stea

Xandee (better known as Sandy, the female singer of the pop group Touch of Joy) has blown away the competition in Eurosong 2004 with her song 1 Life. With 50 points out of 54, Xandee was the clear winner. Many people tipped Natalia (runner up at the Belgian Idols 2003 contest) as the big winner, but her song turned out to have a lot less potential then Xandee’s dance inspired track.

Indeed, this is the first time a ‘dance track’ (albeit with some ethnical influences) will be sent to the Eurovision song contest. With her great voice, outstanding performance and a song that instantly nests itself in your head, Xandee is expected to be a serious contender for the final victory. Dancevibes will certainly support Xandee and welcomes the arrival of a new dance diva …

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