Roxane – Naked album news

by wim

On sunday, Roxane won the third semi final of the preselections of the Eurovision contest with the very nice electro/rock song Television game.

On March 1st, her debut album will be in the shops. As we already reported it’s called Naked and offcourse includes Television Game, Re Arrange, Fashion, I Wanna dance with somebody. Beside those it also contains brand new songs like ‘Kinky Thoughts’ (an Electro Pop track), ‘Dancing Naked in The Rain’ and the groovy track ‘Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone’

The album is not only Electro Pop, it also includes great mixtures of loungy groovy summer night tracks produced by Mon ‘S Jegers and Danny Van Wauwe. The photoshoots for the album were done by Dirk Leunis who already worked for artists like SoulWax, Axel Red.

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