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We’ve updated our ringtone section with new monophone ringtones! Here is the list: Suga Babes – Shape Shania Twain – Ka-ching Sylver – Livin my life Kira – I will be your angel Kane – My best wasn’t good enough Simply Red – Sunrise Shakira – The One Kai Tracid – 4 just 1 day […] (read more)

John 00 Fleming has posted a petition on his message board about the possible quiting of the well-known trance producer Laurent Veronez (also known under the Airwave, L-Vee, Fire & Ice, … disguises.) (Petition on message board)Reading Stipsy’s earlier post. Yes it is true that my friend Laurent (Airwave/ L-vee + many other guises) […] (read more)

Dos or die has released a new Ian Van Dahl single on vinyl: Secret Love / Try. The vinyl contains: Secret Love (C&Vs Extended Mix) and Try (Dee Dee club mix) Secret Love will also be released on CD Single, at least in some countries. (eg. the UK will not release this single). The next […] (read more)

  • March 12,2003

The secret begind the mysterious Biba Binoche has been revealed. Over the last few weeks, Biba Binoche’s debut single Je t’aime mélancolie, has been getting a lot of airplay (even on Studio Brussel). And it is expected that all the commotion will only increase now that the ‘secret identity’ of Biba Binoche has been revealed. […] (read more)

More and more Belgian dance is getting released in the UK. On June 9th 2003 Nebula will release Kate Ryan – Scream For More while on May 5th La Luna – Fallin’ will be released. (read more)

  • March 10,2003

New remixes of Jessy great debutsingle Look @ me now have been released on Data Records in the UK: The vinyl contains the following mixes: Extended Mix, Apollo Remix, CJ Stone Remix, Milk Inc Remix, Aldrich & Glennon Remix, DJ Philip Remix and E Ject Remix. The Maxi CD Single contains the following mixes: Radio […] (read more)

Biba Binoche

by stea

Want to check out a great cover of Mylene Farmer’s ‘Je t’aime mélancolie’? Just listen to Biba Binoche’s version … You can expect a review here very soon. And don’t fortget: Biba is nobody less then Betty, the former Big Brother contestant. (read more)

Roxane’s next single is called Re-Arrange and will be released on March 18th. You can watch the video on the updated Roxane website. Roxane is also recording her debut album “Jennifer Lopez that’s not me” (working title) with her producers Mon and Decoy, responsible for projects like Decoy & Roy, Boss@nova and Nord vs Bonka. (read more)

Take a look at our new ringtones section on dancevibes. You can now order your favourite ringtones (eg. belgian dance tunes) and within a few minutes your mobile will receive the ringtone. That’s not all, we now also have a section with polyphonic ringtones for the latest generation of cellphones. Don’t forget to spice up […] (read more)

It was reported today that Milk Inc has been dropped by the UK label Positiva. Despite a deal for the album (and promotion for it), the project has been shelved. The rights revert to AAW. (read more)

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