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Don’t want to stay at home on friday and/or saturday? Check out our updated partypage with parties all over the country in all kinds of clubs with all kinds of music. (read more)

Can I land my kinky machine? Well Zohra, yes you can. A few months ago, Punk City – a collaboration between Zohra and Kris Vanderheyden – released the Mission their first single. Although it’s not a new release, dancevibes wants to put this single in the spotlight in a new review! Read the Punk City […] (read more)

Last thursday, the videoclip of DJ Philip – Moments was shot in Club Illusion in Lier. 2000 party people were present that night. The videoclip is a production by Peter Van Eyndt (known for the videoclips of Milk Inc., Flesh & Bones, Clouseau, Zornik and others. Next friday the videoclip should be ready. National Radio […] (read more)

16 April: Monotone feat. L.A. Work’s Take me higher mounted from nr 47 to nr 43 in the official Dutch Club Charts (IDP/DMC) and more good news: EXTA – SEA’s Cristal Dream entered the official Dutch Buzz Charts on nr 25 this week ! (read more)

Flesh & Bones – Rigor Mortis has been signed to the UK with Multiply records. This is another addition to the already imposing list of signed countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Israel, Estland, Canada and the Netherlands … and the Scandinavian countries are coming too ! In Belgium, requests for performances are coming in after […] (read more)

More than a year after its appearance on the Illusion Mars edition compilation CD, the massive clubtrancer Do not resist by Subsunday is finally available on vinyl! This track produced by Filip Vandueren, Axel Vidts en Regi Penxten is available since last week. An audio sample is available at Import partners. You can find the […] (read more)

The new Whyzer vinyl single Colour (the night) enters the IPD Exclusive Belgian sales chart at number 18. More info can be found at Import Partners. (read more)

L-Vee a.k.a. Velvet Girl has just finished a new single. Promise U Heaven is the title and just like the last single he managed to find a great female vocalist! The release is planned for the end of May. (read more)

Apart from Sky and Thomas, the official Flesh & Bones website is also coming: go to to check the (not-yet finished) website! In other news, there are new remixes coming for Flesh & Bones Rigor Mortis (I love you)! (read more)

M-Diva released a new single on vinyl called Reachin’ Out. You can hear a sample at Only-DJs.Com. Be sure to check it out, because in my opinion this is the best 2002 dancesingle yet. This song has been produced by Phil Wilde – which was also the producer of several 2 Unlimited tracks in the […] (read more)

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