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Finally, we’ve reviewed the first album of Lasgo, called Some Things. Does it contain other world-class hits besides Alone or Something? … check out the Some Things review to find out ! (read more)

Another review for you ! This time we review the promo-vinyl of Whyzer – Colour the night. Remember, the CD Single is now also available! Read the Whyzer – Colour the night review ! (read more)

We have worked hard to bring you back the forum on our new host. You can access it here or use the forum button on the left. The guestbook is coming back also with some enhancements. (read more)

  • April 30,2002
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On Saturday night – sunday morning last weekend (27/04 and 28/04) the mastertape and all rushes of the new videoclip of DJ Philip – Moments were stolen from the car of the producer Peter Van Eyndt (clips of eg. Flesh & Bones, Orion Too, Milk Inc., Clouseau,…). The mastertape contained the finished videoclip and the […] (read more)

Real Retro House Classix starts after the compilation also with a Real Retro House Classix Clubtour throughout Belgium…The official release party will take place the 19th of May in club Barcleys in Lier… (read more)

The 5th edition of the Real Retro House Classix (Roadrunner/Arcade) is coming up soon. The release is planned fot the 7th of May 2002. The cd will contain unforgettable tracks and artists such as Faithless(Insomnia),Snap(Rhythm is a dancer,Marco Bailey(This is my groove),ROOS(Instant Moments),Felix(It will make me crazy),…and many more. More info will follow soon! (read more)

Monotone feat. L.A.Work – Monotone has signed with RoadrunnerArcade for Arcades upcoming compilation Real Retro Classix Vol 5. And more good news from the Monotone planet: Monotones Take me Higher mounted up to number 37 in the official dance charts and Exta-Seas Cristal Dream, also a trance project of ALC Productions, was launched from number […] (read more)

Only a few days until one of the best party events in Belgium! On the 30th of April, Antwerp will be burning again. The website of Antwerp is Burning tells you all about this great event. Check it out ! (read more)

We have been experiencing some problems with the site, but we are confident that we will get on the right track again! Forums and guestbook are temporarily unavailabe, but we will have lots of new reviews and other stuff very soon! (read more)

  • April 26,2002
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Thanks to one of our forummembers we can present you the tracklisting of the new Ian Van Dahl album A.C.E. ! (which is only available on promo right now) Intro Reason After All Satisfy Me Will I Nights On Java Try Lonely Be Mine Castles In The Sky Nothing Left To Say Tears Interlude Secret […] (read more)

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