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DJ Philip, probably best known by his massive Milk Inc. remixes now has a profile on!   The DJ Philip artist profile contains a biography, discography, remixography and ‘buy me’ links to buy some of his outstanding trance productions! (read more)

At the moment, DJ Philips latest single Let The Music guide you is available in the shops! Especially the Lizzy’s unplugged mix is really worth listening to! But of course, the other mixes are also very good. By the way, Lizz’ Parkers real name is Liesbeth van den plas. The CD Single contains: Radio edit, […] (read more)

A new vinyl appeared of DJ Philip (feat. Marsha) – Moments on the Spy Records label. (we are not sure but we think this is an Italian label, can anyone confirm? :-)). The tracklisting is as follows: Moments (Original mix) Moments (Radio edit) Moments (Minimalistix remix) Moments (Dub mix) (read more)

5 Weeks ago DJ Philip entered the Ultratop Dance Chart @ No. 6 and a week later it rose up to No.1 !!!! Great news is that DJ Philip entered the Ultratop Single Charts @ No.73 just by selling a load of vinyls and even climbed up to No. 68 a week later just by […] (read more)

On Saturday night – sunday morning last weekend (27/04 and 28/04) the mastertape and all rushes of the new videoclip of DJ Philip – Moments were stolen from the car of the producer Peter Van Eyndt (clips of eg. Flesh & Bones, Orion Too, Milk Inc., Clouseau,…). The mastertape contained the finished videoclip and the […] (read more)

Last thursday, the videoclip of DJ Philip – Moments was shot in Club Illusion in Lier. 2000 party people were present that night. The videoclip is a production by Peter Van Eyndt (known for the videoclips of Milk Inc., Flesh & Bones, Clouseau, Zornik and others. Next friday the videoclip should be ready. National Radio […] (read more)

Last week Moments of DJ Philip entered the Ultratop Dance Chart @ No. 6 and this week It rose up to No.1 !!!! The cd single release is scheduled for 25/04!! Great news is that DJ Philip entered the Ultratop Single Charts @ No.73 just by selling a load of vinyls!!! The videoclip is going […] (read more)

A video clip will be shot for DJ Philip – Moments on Thursday April 11th in Club Illusion from 22h on. So everyone who wants to be on TV, be sure to come… 🙂 Thanks to trancefreak for the news. (read more)

Due to contractual disagreements between AGM and the singer Marsha (aka Martine Theeuwen), Tales of Dj Philip feat. Marsha has now become DJ Philip. DJ Philip – Moments was released on vinyl this week (March 25th 2002) and the CD Single will follow April 19th 2002. DJ Philip is a coorperation between DJ Philip and […] (read more)

New work by the original singer of Ian Van Dahl’s Castles in the sky! Together with DJ Philip from the belgian Illusion club they created the trance song Moments. It’s not yet available on vinyl or cd as single, but you can find it on the latest Illusion compilation cd called Illusion 2001 – the […] (read more)

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