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While browsing the Mostiko site we found some great Jessy news! The next Jessy single How Long will, after some delays, finally be released on March 29th. A month later the full album Rain will be in the shops too! (read more)

Roxane’s Television Game will be available in all Belgian shops at the end of next week, the official release date is the 22th of March but as you know most shops have got it already Thursday or Friday before the official release date. Mostiko posted the video of Television Game on their site. The video […] (read more)

Last night in Miami the Belgian danceformation Lasgo has won their second award @ the International Dance Music Awards. Last year Lasgo won the Best New Dance Artist Group-award. This year they’ve won in the category Best Hi-Energy / Euro with their song Alone. In the UK Lasgo’s new single Surrender entered the Cool Cut […] (read more)

Thanks to Mostiko we can give away 5 Topradio: The party station 4 compilation cdees! To win the contest, send in your designs for a new logo (together with some notes how you would integrate it with the rest of the site). You can freely choose the design and the colors (even if they […] (read more)

At the end of March, a new club will open its doors in Antwerp. The club’s name is Portsite and it’ll use the ‘Beau Zoo’ buildings. More info will be announced later! (read more)

Producers Pat Krimson and Andres Romero have released a new single called Las Vegas. Las Vegas uses vocal samples from Praga Khan’s Breakfast in Vegas. On the CD single you can find the Radio edit, the Waco Saxo mix and the Z.O.M.T.A mix Co-producer Andres told us that new vocal Nunca tracks are most probably […] (read more)

We can now announce the winners of the Lasgo – Surrender signed CD Single contest. The lucky winners are: Jeroen De Leenheer (Zelzate) / Hans Mertens (Mortsel) / Chris Pereira (Canada) / Markus Hermansson (Sweden) / Matt Jones (USA) The CDs will be sent out in the course of this week! (read more)

On March 8, 2004 N.E.W.S. will release the CLUB INDUSTRIA compilation CD.Since 3 years, Club Industria is one of the hottest places to be in Antwerp. Resident DJ Den Hetrix (the man behind Sweet Coffee, Hatrixx, Technotronic and various other successful projects) spins the hottest and newest groove tracks to his audience of trendy people. […] (read more)

  Our Friends Eclectic is the title of the second album by Plastyc Buddha, the Antwerp-based band that debuted three years ago with the Throwing Stones In Placid Pools album. Like its predecessor, Our Friends Eclectic is song-structured and melody-oriented. And very much unlike their instrumental debut album, Plastyc Buddha now excels at – songs […] (read more)

A one sided limited promo vinyl of Orion Too‘s next single Call me has been released by Mostiko. The Electrokid Darkne$$ remix which is on this vinyl is very dark and nice, but we can’t wait for the other remixes! If you want to have this remix, it’s also featured on the new Topradio – […] (read more)

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