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The ballad In your eyes is scheduled for a release in Holland, Poland, Spain, Germany, Switserland, Australia and in the UK. Turn The Tide will be released in Scandinavia and Italy at the end of March. Source: (read more)

We’ve got more details about the new album where Praga Khan is working on. So far 4 tracks from Freakazoid are finished and are called Skin to Skin, No Early Connection, Glamour Girl and Visions of Heaven. The expected release date is May 10th, 2002. The first single from the new album will be the […] (read more)

Hi, the Monotone/Exta Sea page is updated with some more information and pictures about L.A. Work, Monotone feat. L.A. Work and Exta Sea. One of the following days we will also give away a cd with the 6 remixes of Take Me Higher. So keep an eye on our pages! (read more)

2 Black 4 U (singer Peggy and producer Fred Vermast) are working on a lot of new songs. The record company Blacklight wants to release a new single at the end of April, simultanuously on vinyl and CD. Most probably they’ll also invest in a videoclip. One of the songs that is candidate to become […] (read more)

Lords of Acid who together with Praga Khan are the most successfull Belgian bands in the USA, is continuing their Stript CD releases in the USA. The first in the row was Voodoo-U…Stript and on January 29th Our Little Secret…Stript was released. Farstucker…Stript will be released very soon on February 19th. The Stript releases contain […] (read more)

Praga Khan is currently in the studio creating their new album Freakazoid. Some rumors say we can expect the album in May. Afterwards they’ll go on tour again. (read more)

Ian Van Dahl’s Will I that was already remixed by foreign producers like Pulsedriver, Lange, and Hemstock & Jennings has just been remixed by another producer called Flutlicht. The remix will be released shortly (February 28th) on the German label Dos or Die. You’ll be able to buy the vinyl record at And on […] (read more)

Minimalistix will make a remix for the next Ian Van Dahl single Reason. Minimalistix is doing great with their latest song Close Cover. Close Cover gets A-rotation on the belgian radios like Donna and entered the Ultratop 50 at number 29 (see UltraTop). Besides the UK, where the single will be released on March 1st, […] (read more)

Belgian producer Dirk “M.I.K.E.” Dierickx, best known from Push has remixed the song Troy by Sinead ‘O Connor. The record will be released soon in the UK. Also Push has been chosen to remix the new single by the BOMFUNK MC’S! The remix has just been finished according to Lightning Records. (read more)

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Some updates on how Lasgo‘s doing in the UK. As we already said, Something will be released around February 25th in the UK and it’ll probably become a hit. The first confirmations are in for UK TV appearences : Nickelodeon, Popworld & Topof the Pops! (hmm… strange that something that is not officially out yet […] (read more)

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