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You can now watch the full video for The Rush of My Life (Pat Krimson featuring Sue Price) now on Youtube. The single will be available on monday, June 29 in digital download (a radio edit version, an extended version and a club mix). So what do you think? Will this be a big hit […] (read more)

Pat Krimson will release his new single The Rush of my Life on the 29th of June. You can see a little bit on YouTube. Tell us what you think! Moreover, he will also be releasing a new single with 2Fabiola at the end of the summer, as well as a new project Enblanc & […] (read more)

The new Pat Krimson single will be released in May and is called From Nightfall Till Sunrise. Vocals come from Karine Boelaerts who was the voice behind many dance hits. (read more)

This week P-magazine brings you an extensive interview with Pat Krimson, the man behind 2 Fabiola. He talks about his life on Ibiza and his plans for the future (including the new Pat Krimson song Colours, which will be released soon). The interview gives us on interesting perspective on Pat who calles himself “as good […] (read more)

There’s a saying ‘the more things change, the more things stay the same’ or if you wait long enough, everything comes back into fashion at least once. Well, this certainly applies to 2 Fabiola. After scoring a lot of hits in the 90s (Freak Out, Flashback, Magic Flightt), the group split up: Pat Krimson score […] (read more)

Producers Pat Krimson and Andres Romero have released a new single called Las Vegas. Las Vegas uses vocal samples from Praga Khan’s Breakfast in Vegas. On the CD single you can find the Radio edit, the Waco Saxo mix and the Z.O.M.T.A mix Co-producer Andres told us that new vocal Nunca tracks are most probably […] (read more)

After a long period of silence, Pat Krimson is back ! Music will survive was released on vinyl (TATOO TUNES label) last week ! Female DJ Livvy won the first Atmoz DJ contest. Apart from seeing her regurarly behind the DJ decks at Atmoz, she also got the chance to do a studioproject with Pat. […] (read more)

Female DJ Livvy has won the first Atmoz DJ contest. From now on you’ll regurarly see her behind the DJ decks at Atmoz. The other prize she got is a studioproject with Pat Krimson. (owner of the Atmoz clubs and known from 2 Fabiolla and Pat Krimson.) Pat. Krimson vs. DJ Livvy Music will survive […] (read more)

Maurice Samulski was nice enough to send us the tracklisting of Pat Krimsons The Milky Way full album! Check it out here ! (read more)

We have our 2 Fabiola biography/discography online ! 2 Fabiola was one of the earlier dancegroups in Belgium which had huge successes in Belgium, Italy and Spain. The members of that group do/did also have some side projects: Zohra, Punk Mission, Nunca, Pat Krimson … so we decided to include them too in our coverage […] (read more)

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