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You can check out the remix of Nid & Sancy’s My Agitator made by HeadShotBoyz on Youtube… You can also download the track for free on Nid & Sancy’s blog . (read more)

Check out our Nid & Sancy Yeah Yeah Yes album review. Did we love Yeah Yeah Yes? YES YES YES! (read more)

Both P-Magazine and Humo have written rave reviews on Nid & Sancy’s new album Yeah Yeah Yes. Dancevibes will be reviewing the CD soon, but we can already tell you that we love it too. (read more)

Nid & Sancy have announced that they are releasing their third official album Yeah Yeah Yes on the 30th of March 2009. Yeah Yeah Yes features no less than 14 fourteen tracks (of which 2 remixed) and sees our favorite trashy couple expanding further on their unmistakable dirty sound, bringing in new influences and proving […] (read more)

Check out the myspace of Nid and Sancy to hear new tracks from the upcoming album. Be quick because they won’t stay online for long. (read more)

Our favorite electropunks Nid and Sancy release their new single Kidzz in November, backed up with remixes by Ooga Booga , Skyve Reuter and Vermin Twins. You can already listen to single on their MySpace . And more good news: Nid and Sancy?s forthcoming album is scheduled for release January 2009. We will keep you […] (read more)

Nid and Sancy will be releasing a new track, Kidzz, on October 6, 2008 (both on vinyl and digital EP). (read more)

Sometime you might think that Belgium dance is all about commercial trance / house, but it is clear that this small country has a lot more to offer. Just listen to Vive la fĂȘte, Magnus. And now, Nid & Sancy (referring to Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy) from Ghent release their new […] (read more)

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