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We have a great contest lined up for the fans of Dee Dee, Lasgo and Jessy! We can give away 30 signed Dee Dee cards, 25 signed Lasgo cards and 10 signed Jessy cards!! To win, answer one or more of these questions to win one or more different signed cards! 🙂 What was the […] (read more)

Jessy’s latest single Head over Heels enters the Belgian charts at nr 40 in their first week. You can now also watch the video on the Mostiko site! (read more)

Jessy is going to release her second single Head over Heels on CD single on July 7th. The CD Single will contain a Radio Edit and the Jan Vervoet remix. Later, two vinyls will be available for the DJs and clubminded people: Part 1 sees the light on July 17 and contains: Jan Vervloet remix, […] (read more)

The German Maxi CD Single of Jessy – Look @ me now is shortly to be released. The tracklisting is as follows: Look at me now (Radio mix) Look at me now (CJ Stone Radio edit) Look at me now (Original mix) Look at me now (Apollo remix) Look at me now (CJ Stone remix) (read more)

The new single from Jessy is called Head Over Heels and will be released the 26th of May on 12″ and 12th of June On CD Single You can hear a sample on! (read more)

Jessy recently released a French version of her hit single ‘Look at me now’. Essentially, this is the same song, but with different lyrics. Fans of Jessy that want to own every version of a song should definitely check this out and the song is destined to become a hit in all French-speaking countries. However, […] (read more)

New remixes of Jessy great debutsingle Look @ me now have been released on Data Records in the UK: The vinyl contains the following mixes: Extended Mix, Apollo Remix, CJ Stone Remix, Milk Inc Remix, Aldrich & Glennon Remix, DJ Philip Remix and E Ject Remix. The Maxi CD Single contains the following mixes: Radio […] (read more)

Jessy – Regardez Moi will be out on the 21st of March in Belgium (french part) and will later get a release in France. (read more)

Last weekend [08-02-03] there was a meeting with everyone at the record-company, involved with the production of Jessy‘s singles. At this meeting there was a decision NOT to make Enchanted the second single to be released half february in Belgium, nor anywhere else. Enchanted however will be released on a few compilation cd’s and offcourse […] (read more)

Jessy‘s solo career appears to take off internationally! On January 17th the single Look @ me now will be released in Holland by CNR Music. Two months later on March 17th, Ministry of Sound will bless the UK people with Jessy’s voice! A new videoclip will be shot in the UK too and will be […] (read more)

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