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We have a great contest lined up for the fans of Dee Dee, Lasgo and Jessy! We can give away 30 signed Dee Dee cards, 25 signed Lasgo cards and 10 signed Jessy cards!! To win, answer one or more of these questions to win one or more different signed cards! 🙂 What was the […] (read more)

  If you are a fan of Dee Dee and would like to receive a signed photocard of Dee Dee then this is your chance! We are giving away 20 signed photocards! You only have to answer this simple question: What is the adress of the official Dee Dee site? (read more)

Dee Dee is now also the proud owner of a website! On the official Dee Dee site you can find pictures, lyrics, videos, a guestbook and more ! (read more)

Dee Dee is performing a lot in the UK. Next week she will start her 5th tour. The new single The One will be out on vinyl in about 3 weeks. The official website should be online within 2 weeks. Meanwhile in the US, Dee Dee’s first single Forever gets a lot of airplay in […] (read more)

The Dee Dee site is reporting that the next single will be released in September 2002and will be called The One. We’re trying to confirm this news 🙂 Check our Dee Dee page ! (read more)

Two new Forever remixes have been made for the UK club scene: Pulser Vocal Mix and Pulser Dub Mix. They are from the hand of Andy Perring. The vinyl will soon be released on Incentive Music. (read more)

Producers Christophe Chantzis, Eric Vanspauwen and Tommie Kidjemet are busy producing an album for Dee Dee. Some tracks are already written. Apart from Forever, the tracks Still, Angel and Never gonna let you go will be on the album. A new single will also be released in the near future. After releases in the Netherlands […] (read more)

A new remix of Dee Dee‘s Forever has been put on vinyl. It’s called Megara vs DJ Lee Remix and you can listen to a sample at (read more)

Dee Dee goes Europe next month, when the Netherlands and Germany will release Forever. These countries will later most probably be followed by France and the UK too. (read more)

Forever will be released in The Netherlands and Germany very soon. Together with a videoclip that will be shooted in January they’re gonna try to breakthrough internationally. Dee Dee already finished the second song Never gonna let you go and it’s already being played on their live performances. (read more)

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