Jessy – Enchanted will not be released on CD Single

by wim

Last weekend [08-02-03] there was a meeting with everyone at the record-company, involved with the production of Jessy‘s singles.

At this meeting there was a decision NOT to make Enchanted the second single to be released half february in Belgium, nor anywhere else. Enchanted however will be released on a few compilation cd’s and offcourse on the forth-coming album.

Reason for this decision is because the promotion of Look @ me now in the Netherlands now, and the U.K. later, will be major! A good promotion of Enchanted in Belgium is not possible at the same time.

Meanwhile the french version of Look @ me now, Regardez-moi will be released in the french region of Belgium and France

At this point the crew is working hard on a new single to be released [April?] nation-wide.

Our question: Why not release Enchanted in April? Maybe they’ve already heard the new single and it’s a bomb? Time will tell 🙂

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