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We have posted our Jessy pictures!, check it out! (read more)

Jessy new single is called What if. In September we can also expect a new album! (read more)

After Look @ Me Know, Head Over Heels and How Long, Jessy will release another song from her album Rain. The new single will be Silent Tears. (read more)

Jessy‘s first album after the Mackenzie period is going to be released on June 28th. The tracklist: How Long Head Over Heels I’ll Get Over You Tell Me White Lies Silent Tears Stuck On You Rain What If Enchanted Look At Me Now Where Do I Go Dancing In The Dark On her new redesigned […] (read more)

Jessy‘s latest single How Long (Point of no return) entered the Ultratop 50 at nr 25 this week. The CDSingle contains the Radio edit and the Vandøren Og Vanhøyland Remiks) (read more)

The releasedate of Jessy‘s new single How Long has been delayed until mid-May. On May 17th, the CD single will be in the shops, while two days later you’ll be able to buy the vinyl. The CD Single contains the VandØren og VanhØyland remiks and Radio edit while the vinyl will contain the VandØren og […] (read more)

While browsing the Mostiko site we found some great Jessy news! The next Jessy single How Long will, after some delays, finally be released on March 29th. A month later the full album Rain will be in the shops too! (read more)

How Long, the next single of Jessy is to be released this month, while the album will follow in March. The original mix promises to be very much dance-music. Jessy is in Djerba right now shooting the video from which the cdsingle/album artwork will be taken. Next week Filip Vandueren and Bart Vanhoyland will create […] (read more)

After “Look At Me Know” and “Head Over Heels”, Jessy will release a new single. Her third single will be called “How Long”. Before this release, Jessy will go on holiday to the Dominican Republic for 10 days on January 12th. Furthermore, she will go to Djerba together with 2 female college singers and 15 […] (read more)

Jessy will release Head Over Heels next week in The Netherlands. Yesterday, this song got some great response on the Radio 538 show “Maak hem of kraak hem” (Make it or brake it). With 80%, Head Over Heels was “made” which is very good of course! The promotion of this single has started and it […] (read more)

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