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Listen to the new track I Cant Get Enough by Michael Beltran featuring Jessy on Michaels website . No information on a possible release date yet, but we will keep you posted. (read more)

The new single Heartbeat will be released in January 2009. Will 2 Fabiola make it big in the charts this time? Wait and see. (read more)

Belgian dance is hot in the states. In its second week, Lasgo have entered the top 10 of the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay charts (from 22nd to 10th position). We are sure they will go higher next week! (read more)

The debut track Mars by Fake Blood was chosen Underground Record Of The Year and 3rd best Tune Of The Year in the UK. Way to go guys. The track got high praise from electro house guru Jerry Bouthier: Around for a good few months, Mars has kept on growing (notably in blog-land) to the […] (read more)

  • November 30,2008

A match made in heaven? This must be a big hype tracks … John Dahlback’s latest slammer Out There with Belgian Basto! on vocal duty. Now available on 12 inch (U-Boot) and Beatport. (read more)

  • November 28,2008

If you can watch Belgian public television (VRT – Een) than you can see Lasgo tonight, seeing that they will be a guest on the Peter Live show which starts at 20:40. (read more)

Kill the DJ

by stea

Did you know that if you are a young DJ that you need to have a license from Sabam? Dancevibes did not and probably you did not know either. Some facts: If you make copies for the compilations, you need to buy the license. If you only use original material (including original downloads), you don’t […] (read more)

If you are a big electro fan such as we are, then you will be very happy that Gigolo Records will be releasing not only a new compilation (number 11 already), but also a new DJ Hell album. We can’t wait ! (read more)

  • November 26,2008

Jim TV will air Milk Inc Forever today at 21:30h. If you miss it you can watch it again on Friday (21:30), Saturday (00:00) or Sunday noon (12:00). Don’t miss it! (read more)

  • November 25,2008
  • JIM

You still do not know what to do on New Years Eve? Why not party in style with the biggest band in Belgium, Milk Inc and dance star Jessy? The party will take place on the beach in Knokke-Heist, in front of the Casino. More information can be found on the Sylvester Night website . (read more)

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