Congratulations Fake Blood

by stea

The debut track Mars by Fake Blood was chosen Underground Record Of The Year and 3rd best Tune Of The Year in the UK. Way to go guys. The track got high praise from electro house guru Jerry Bouthier:

Around for a good few months, Mars has kept on growing (notably in blog-land) to the point that this summer whatever the dance camp, it became THE tune everyone dropped to rapturous applause. You never know, by Xmas it might end up the underground record of the year… Its secret? Well, starting off with a typical Cleveland City breakbeat and breaking to a very Rollo-esque organ riff (all very nineties, isnt it?), it then kicks back with a sick and twisted flanged b-line (a la Switch, very 2008) that never fails to kill the dancefloor. Thats pretty much it, simple and to the point. As the saying goes, less is more… and in dance music that is more often than not the case.

  • November 30,2008

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