Kill the DJ

by stea

Did you know that if you are a young DJ that you need to have a license from Sabam? Dancevibes did not and probably you did not know either.

Some facts:

If you make copies for the compilations, you need to buy the license. If you only use original material (including original downloads), you don’t need it.

It does not matter how many times you DJ or where. One time in a local youth club is enough to get a fine.
You need to have the original vinyl / CD of any track you play (either with you or at home). You can get fined 12,5 EUR per song or 125 EUR per album !
The license is strictly personal.

And what does it cost? A whopping 251 EUR (tax not included) a year. If you are a young starting DJ this will make your life a lot more difficult.

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