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Sylver‘s next album Nighttime Calls will be released with a one week delay. The new launch date is now November 2nd. (read more)

The new Cape Town will be called Flight of Icarus. This release is co-written by L-Vee and Miss An (a newly signed dj/producer at Banshee worx) and will be available on Camouflage around half of November. Check out the Banshee worx audio loops for a soundsample! (read more)

Plastic Boy – Twixt was released by MIKE in 1997 and instantly became a big trance hit. 7 years later Banshee Worx decided to re-release this vinyl on their back-catalogue label together with a brandnew 2004 version! For a soundsample check the Bonzai Music audio loop! This release will be available for purchase at the […] (read more)

Las Tardes ft. Layne have released the vinyl Don’t tell me on the A&S label. The A side contains the Original Version while the B side contains the 6AM Remix. Music has been written by David Vervoort, lyrics by David Vervoort and Leen Kenis and the vocals were done by Layne (read more)

As we already reported, Inspiration will be the next single to be released by Ian Van Dahl. This week Part 1 and 2 of the Inspiration vinyl has been released. Part 1 contains the Extended Mix and the Peter Luts remix, while Part 2 contains the TDR remix and the Cécém Remix. The TDR remix […] (read more)

  • October 12,2004

Dave McCullen, one of the Lasgo producers will release the vinyl track B*tch next week on the Outlaw Tunes Label. This track has been nr 1 in the Peter Luts Electro/Groove Top10 for three weeks. (read more)

On September 13th the Vive la Fête album Nuit Blanche was released in France by Chronowax/V2. This french edition is different from the original one, with new artwork and a slightly different tracklist. (only available in France). The release of the album is accompanied by a tour in France this month. (tourlist). In Canada Schwarzkopf […] (read more)

  • October 11,2004

Yesterday the annual BMI Awards ceremony was held in the Ballroom of London’s Dorchester Hotel. (BMI is the American sister organisation of eg. the Belgian SABAM). For the first time ever, a belgian group was nominated for the BMI awards. Not only that, Lasgo managed to win the USA Pop 2003 and USA Dance 2003 […] (read more)

Pay&Go Groovecity will be organized again next month (November 20th) in the Brussels Kart Expo. Groovecity will host a mix of styles in different rooms. House, techno, drum&bass and electro beats will be provided by DJs like Monika Kruse, Carl Craig, Cosmic Twins, David Morales, DJ Marky, XRS & Stamina MC and many more… For […] (read more)

Yesterday, the TMF Awards 2004 show was held in Sportpaleis, Antwerp. The Best National Dance award went to Milk Inc. (their 8th award till now!). Besides that Regi and Linda also received a Lifetime achievement award! The award for Best National DJ went to 2 Many DJ’s (read more)

  • October 3,2004
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