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Illusion is celebrating their 15th Birthday on Friday the 26th of September in the Sports palace in Antwerp. Big line up with Sister Bliss/Tiƫsto/Tall Paul and their brilliant residents. Trance euphoria indeed check for more info. The new Illusion compilation will hit the streets on the 3rd of October (read more)

Milk Inc. succeeded in entering the charts again @ number 10 for the second time in a row. They will play shows at Belfast, Bolton and Bury. But they will also film an interview for Boxtalk and do a charity show @ Gateshead for Children in Need. This all to support the release of Walk […] (read more)

Peter Luts (well known from Lasgo and Astroline) will release a trance vinyl at the end of October. The track will be called Wonder and will be released on the A & S Freestyle label. It’ll be a one-side vinyl. (read more)

Raft, a Belgium-based house duo has released its new single in the UK named Riskytrains. RAFT is a versatile Belgium-based production outfit combining the musicalsensibilities and programming talents of James Lehmann (lifelong funkdisciple, DJ and studio-head) and Matthias Locker (trained classical pianistconverted to jazz musician). James, who is of Scottish origin and Matthias,who was born […] (read more)

  • September 16,2002
  • raft

Dee Dee is performing a lot in the UK. Next week she will start her 5th tour. The new single The One will be out on vinyl in about 3 weeks. The official website should be online within 2 weeks. Meanwhile in the US, Dee Dee’s first single Forever gets a lot of airplay in […] (read more)

Ian Van Dahl has won the award of Best PA of The Year in the UK on the 9th of september. (PA = Performance Artists or Public Appearance) The single Reason was released on September 9th 2002 in Germany while the new single Try will be released on September 30th 2002 in the UK. IVD […] (read more)

Lasgo‘s new single will not be I wonder but Pray! The videoclip has been recorded in the US and the vinyl will be released worldwide in October.It’ll feature remixes by Peter Luts, Dave McCullen, Driftwood and Kidjemet & Kovac As already known Lasgo recorded 3 new tracks Searching, You and I Wonder. The tracks will […] (read more)

  • September 16,2002
  • lasgo

A new Sylver track will be released at the end of this month. The track is called Why worry ! Source: Sylvercity (read more)

We had to wait for it some time but now it’s finally here: the Official Ian Van Dahl site ! The site has a great layout with up-to-date news, picture galleries, song samples, video samples and many more, so be sure to check it out ! (read more)

  • September 13,2002

It’s been a bit quiet about D-Devils, but don’t worry : they have been working on new material. There will be a new single and the group stated that they also have enough songs for a brand new album. There is no release-date yet, but we will keep you posted about it! To find out […] (read more)

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