Raft releases Risky trains

by wim

Raft, a Belgium-based house duo has released its new single in the UK named Riskytrains.

RAFT is a versatile Belgium-based production outfit combining the musicalsensibilities and programming talents of James Lehmann (lifelong funkdisciple, DJ and studio-head) and Matthias Locker (trained classical pianistconverted to jazz musician). James, who is of Scottish origin and Matthias,who was born in Vienna, have both lived in Brussels for more than ten yearsand met via the Belgian live music scene. RAFT fuse a wide range ofinfluences and collaborate with talented pool of instrumentalists andsingers to create uniquely appealing and melodic house grooves. The music iscreated in their own project studio in the heart of Brussels which includesa Mac/Logic setup, Rhodes keyboard, percussion, vintage synths and othercreative tools. Lehmann and Locker are equally at home in the studiowriting, producing and engineering, or on stage DJ-ing and playing keyboardswith a number of jazz/funk/R&B bands throughout northern Europe.

RAFT’s current single is on Airtight/Hooj, UK’s most respected independentdance label. The single features ‘Risky Trains’ and ‘Microcosmos’ on the flip.

More Raft info here !

  • September 16,2002

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