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Exposure has released their first track called Magic Impuls on vinyl this week ( This new project is cooperation between Mike and Scottish top-dj Paul Mendez. A trancetune that will please the fans of the Push-sound for sure! Available on the Camouflage label starting Monday. (read more)

We have a free ticket to give away for a friday evening in the well-known Belgian club Carré ! (worth 7.50 euro). The first one who mails gets the ticket ! (read more)

So far away is the 2nd single by Mackenzie vs. Kelly and was released on vinyl this week. More info to follow… (read more)

The vinyl release of their newest single My Time Has Come is going to happen on July 15th. More info will follow soon. Check out the new single on Topradio 19/06 between 4.00 and 5.00PM and see them performing the new single live for the first time @ Mega On Air (June 21st.) 500 exclusive […] (read more)

No need to introduce Caitlin… Hope and Wait was a hit in Belgium and even a bigger hit in Spain (6 weeks top ten). During the summer she will be performing in Spain for 8 weeks. So Shy is the new single to be released in Belgium in week 30 (25 July 2002). The promotion […] (read more)

In Mix Mag magazine (the biggest Dance magazine in the world)Kira has already been described as one of the upcoming top acts in the UK… The vinyl is released this week. Kira got massive support from DJs like Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, …). The single release is scheduled for August or September and the videoclip […] (read more)

This remake from one of the greatest French anthems (Desireless – Voyage Voyage; released in 1986) is written by Gery Francois who also did several other co-productions like e.g. Orion Too. The female vocalist is Katia Hocq. Now she is going to make her debut as a leading lady the 21/06 in Flanders Expo Ghent […] (read more)

A Forest is the follow up of the huge hit Close Cover, which reached number 12 in the UK single charts. The release of this new single in Belgium is planned for week 29 (18 july 2002.) Ministry of Sound will release A Forest for the UK market although a date is not set yet. […] (read more)

  • June 12,2002

Sometimes is the new single by Edvika. Three mixes are present on the CD Single: Radio Edit, Fire & Ice remix and Sunny Club mix ! The song has been written by Edvika, Ad Cominotto and Flip Vanderputte – the same people that also created Edvika’s first single: Once in a lifetime. (read more)

The new website about producer and DJ Jan Vervloet is online ! Jan is the producer behind a number of succesfull projects like Fiocco (Afflitto, Crowd is moving,…), Scoop and Neighbour DJ’s. Apart from producing he’s also active in the DJ world. Be sure to take a look at the extensive(!) discography, playlists, pictures (soon […] (read more)

  • June 12,2002

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