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We’re gonna do our first interview on real soon !! The first interview will be with Martine Theeuwen aka Marsha, and she’s the original singer of Ian Van Dahls Castles in the sky !! Let us know your questions you want to ask by by emailing me or posting it in the forum ! (read more)

New work by the original singer of Ian Van Dahl’s Castles in the sky! Together with DJ Philip from the belgian Illusion club they created the trance song Moments. It’s not yet available on vinyl or cd as single, but you can find it on the latest Illusion compilation cd called Illusion 2001 – the […] (read more)

We’ve added the lyrics of Lasgo’s latest song Alone to our site ! Even more interesting are audio samples from the following versions of Alone: Radio edit, Extended mix, Ian Van Dahl remix and Peter Luts remix ! We also added a cover picture from the latest single. And finally we also added buy me […] (read more)

We’ve got a very nice vinyltip for dj’s that are into progressive trance. Angel with their song Angel has been written by the Brussel’s based Benoit Franquet together with DJ Marko from La Rocca. Sony Music Belgium still keeps the name of the female singer secret. Listen to a realaudio sample of Angel – Angel […] (read more)

Lasgo’s first full album is called Some Things and will be released on November 19th, 2001 ! (my birthday btw… :-)) (read more)

We’ve updated our 2 Black 4 U biography with an additional picture of Fred and Peggy and we also added a music sample of Am I losing you, their newest vinyl release !!! (read more)

We have a new page on-line!! Oxyd is a brandnew belgian project and has just released their first single on vinyl. 2 Black 4 U exists now for about one year and hopes to break through with their third single ‘Am i losing you’. The man behind the 2 projects is Fred Vandermast (ex-Poco Loco […] (read more)

We’ve updated our Milk Inc. page again :-)… we’ve added the tracklisting of their new Double Cream full CD that was released on November 1st, 2001. Double Cream is basically a greatest hits album which includes all their biggest hits from the two previous albums and a second CD with all their videoclips. Too bad […] (read more)

Milk Inc. entered the Irish official singles Top 30 at number 14 ! It’ll be interesting to see what Walk on Water will do in the rest of Europe! Source: Irish Singles TOP30 (read more)

We’ve updated our Milk Inc. page with some new info about Karine Boelaert. If someone has some more info on Karine please let us know. We would like to know what songs she sang/didn’t sing, a picture of her, why she didn’t want to do the performances, if she’s still active behind the scenes,… Also […] (read more)

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