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Yannick from Whyzer told us on our forum that a new single is to be released on vinyl. Color…The Night is the name of the new single and will be available on vinyl on December 17th. The CD single follows at the end of January. Yannick promises us that it’ll be completely different then Teach […] (read more)

On December 4th the D-Devils will release their next single called The Final Countdown in Belgium. (read more)

Those of you that have been around for a while might remember a great tune called I sit on Acid, released during the New Beat era. Or perhaps you listened to the track The Most Wonderful Girl, which was part of the soundtrack of the motion picture Sliver. What did they have in common? They […] (read more)

  • November 28,2001

Some visitors asked for the lyrics of the latest Milk Inc. single Wide Awake. It’s now available from our lyrics page 🙂 (read more)

Coming up next week on … a cd review of Lords of Acid, a cd review of Angel by Mackenzie ft. Jessy and last but not least… the interview with Marsha (from Castles in the sky) ! (read more)

  • November 25,2001

We added the lyrics of all the Lasgo songs from the full album Some things to our lyrics page. Enjoy! (read more)

Fire & Ice, known for their emotional trance songs like Souvenir de chine and Lost Emotions are going to do a chat with their fans tonight at 20:00 CET ! For all your questions concerning their music, their bookings & their plans for the future, be sure to come to the chatpage of Lightning Records. (read more)

  • November 21,2001
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I think you all remember some songs (Let’s go to the Party and Poco Loco) of the Poco Loco Gang of a few years ago.The Poco Loco Gang was Fred’s Vandermast’s first child (2 Black 4 U,Oxyd and the group scored hit after hit. An unexpected succes, but now it’s all history. Nevertheless they deserve […] (read more)

Forgot to mention this yesterday: I added a song sample of the new Will I on our Ian Van Dahl page! (read more)

  • November 13,2001

I’ve updated The Quest page with information about their new single On Top (releasedates) and also added a few song samples of On Top. We’ve also added the lyrics of On Top on our lyrics page. (read more)

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