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Aaah, there was a time that Zillion was one of the most famous belgian clubs and even today its name has not been forgetten. And now, Zillion has once again made the headlines. This Saturday (November 29th) police held a raid at what was supposed to be a private party organized by Frank Verstraeten in […] (read more)

Zillion 13 Club The final cd-compilation of this infamous club. This 13th edition includes 2 cd’s, one with new clubhits and another with some classic Zillionhits of the past 4 years. Artists featured are Azzido da Bass, Puretone,Push, Bob Sinclair, Goldtrix and exclusively on this compilation the new releases by Fire & Ice and Cygnus-X!! […] (read more)

It’s the end of an era … Belgium’s biggest club is no more. Zillion has always been the subject of a lot of controversy: the club never had all the necessary licences and, not so long ago, the club was critized for its raunchy Zillion Zundays. But now that Frank Verstraeten is in jail, the […] (read more)

Zillion will not open its doors again on January 17th as reported here before. They still have legal problems because the club is located inside an area which can only be used to build houses on according to Flemish legislation. To be continued… (read more)

As seen on the Zillion site, Zillion @ Antwerp will reopen January 19th, 2002. This new has been confirmed by Zillion Public Relations Manager Dennis Black Magic. (read more)

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